I am a graduate of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University and am currently residing in Toronto, Ontario but originally from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I work at IBM, Canada in the Systems/Middleware divison as a JavaScript Developer specializing in Node.js technologies.

I enjoy design, entrepreneurship, and general tinkering with both software and hardware alike.

As for hobbies, I snowboard and wakeboard when I can, and I also play hockey. I have also recently started playing squash.


Haptic Device

The Desktop Haptic Device uses a reconfigurable 5-bar mechanism to essentially act as a computer-mouse with force-feedback. The reconfigurability of the mechanism allows it to change its dynamic properties to enhance its performance for specific tasks.

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Wander App

The Wander mobile app was a project for a Software Engineering Practice course in which the Agile development framework was implemented. The app was developed with the EmberJS framework running on NodeJS and compiled with PhoneGap.

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Intervention Device Tester

The Intervention Device Tester is an R&D simulation platform for measuring the performance of intravenous catheters. The project was completed as a part of the McGill University Mechanical Engineering capstone project for an industry client.

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Kapsus Device

The Kapsus device is an intrevenous catheter used to perform a transceptal puncture procedure. The project was worked on as a part of an internship for a medical device company. Click the button below for more information at the company website.

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